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M.A.Brooks & Sons Ltd Safety guidelines
working in the home

addressing the risk of COVID-19.

Maintaining social distance / close face to face contact when answering the door and, as far as
possible, throughout our visit, especially if you’re clinically vulnerable, for example over 70, and have
not been asked to shield.

Where possible, asking households to remove all restrictive furniture and personal items (eliminating
the need for us to handle them) prior to our arrival.

Where possible, asking that households leave some internal doors open to minimise contact with
door handles.

Where possible, asking that households leave some windows open for increased ventilation.

Informing the household that we will supply our own water (no need to use/touch supply points).

In most cases, we will need the use of a single electric point, preferably close to our exit/entrance.

Discussing safe ways for household members to move in frequented areas like stairs and corridors
when work is required in those areas.

Minimise the need to frequent unnecessary areas of the home.

Making use of hand sanitisers, gloves and face covers/masks throughout or at some point during our

We will be unable to carry out work in a household which is isolating because one or more family members has symptoms or where an individual has been advised to shield.

Aided by the government guidelines (11thMay) for those carrying out work within the home, our working practices are summarised below to address the risk of COVID-19 and minimise the risk for all parties.

We will discuss any concerns prior to and at any point during our visit, communicating with households how the work will/can be carried out to minimise the risk of COVID-19.

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