Old Artex & textured coatings

We do not provide artexing as a service

Covering old Artex/Textured coatings


Old Artex and textured coatings can be covered with plaster or plasterboard. The size of the area, the thickness of the stipple/pattern and its condition are considered when deciding how to cover it.


However, as Asbestos was used within the manufacturing process in previous decades, Artex and textured coatings are named in the HSE’s list of Asbestos containing materials. Determining whether a coating contains asbestos requires taking a sample for testing. In most cases, this is likely to be recommended.



With an acceptable plan of action which considers personal protection, environmental protection and cleaning methods to control the level of exposure from any practices necessary to complete the task, Artex and textured coatings which contain asbestos can still be covered. Under normal circumstances such measures aren’t necessary, the dust particles created by breaking or screwing into the coating aren’t considered harmful.

Covering old Artex/Textured coatings that contains Asbestos

Testing for Asbestos - sampling

Unless a survey has indicated otherwise or your property was built after 1999, there is a possibility that a coating may contain Asbestos. For this reason, before we can carry out any work, we will need to take a small sample to be tested at a UKAS accredited Asbestos laboratory. If the sample is positive then safer systems of work would then need to be considered.

Taking a sample

A sample can be taken by us with minimal disruption. The result is normally available within 48hrs. A copy of the test certificate issued by the laboratory is passed on to the homeowner.

PDF - Illustrating where the HSE categorises working with Textured coatings containing Asbestos.

PDF - Public health England. General information on Asbestos

PDF - Public health England. Toxicological overview